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Alphacat review and how does it work?

$ 0.000206
0.00000002 BTC
$ 688,767
Volume (24h)
$ 40,273
Circulating Supply
3,336,863,624 ACAT
Total Supply
6,250,000,000 ACAT

Alphacat’s real-time price is: $ 0.000206

Alphacat is a robo-advisor marketplace that offers tools for traders to better manage their trading positions.

The platform’s ACAT store is the platform’s key marketplace, offering applications made by both in-house engineers and also by third parties.

The Alphacat team was founded by Dr. Bin Li and Dr. Liang Li, both of whom have extensive experience in banking, finance, and trading.

AI Forecasting Engine

One of Alphacat’s main products is its AI Forecasting Engine which is said to have an accuracy of 63.3% of predicting the price of bitcoin and other currencies according to¬†NEO News Today.

A digram showing of the AI Forecasting Engine works in conjunction with the rest of the ecosystem can be seen below:


In Alphacat’s whitepaper, it outlines the problems the trading community faces and how Alphacat intends to resolve them.

Alphacat states that retail investors cannot enjoy the benefits of financial technology due to the high barriers of entry. Additionally, investors are further locked out of the market as they lack the general “expertise, information, data, personal energy, and resources.”

The second problem outlined relates to the creators of financial technology products. Their problems relate to segregation in the market, and specifically the lack of new inventions that can benefit creators directly. Before Alphacat, there was no platform that combines quality control with a stable base of customers to get high quality forecasting applications and services.

The final problem relates to the fact that there is no institute that focuses on financial technology for the wider market — especially for cryptocurrencies.


To resolve these problems in the market, Alphacat intends to address it in three different ways.

First, Alphacat intends to “revolutionize the FinTech Industry” by offering a global ecosystem of digital assets and services.


The Alphacat terminal claims to be similar in function to other enterprise-level terminals such as WIND but is made specifically for cryptocurrencies. The database offers support for the “complete coverage” of cryptocurrencies by capturing and classifying thousands of datasets. It also claims to provide the world with “powerful insight needed to navigate the complex digital market world.”

Alphacat Engine

The Alphacat engine is central to the platform’s operations and combines results and experience from “thousands of artifical intelligene trading robots.”

It also claims to feature big-data analysis and other technologies that are presently unavailable to the general public. It’s hoped that this engine wil allow developers to create their own financial applications with ease.

Alphacat Marketplace

Finally, there’s the Alphacat Store. The store allows investors and creators of all backgrounds to buy and use AI-powered applications and services using the ACAT engine and sold on the ACAT store.

Some examples of applications used include:

Market Forecasting

ACE Indicies

Technical Analysis

Multi Data

Risk Management

Asset Allocation

Trading Tools

Derivatives Market

Primary Market


Economic Model of ACAT Token

Some more information was also given about Alphacat’s ACAT token and how it fits into the wider ecosystem.

The tokens can be used for a “wide variety” of uses in the platform as well as traded on the secondary market.

For different market participants, a number of use cases were provided.

Developers will be required to stake ACAT tokens in order to publish their applications on the platform.

Participants will be furthered rewarded with ACAT after users begin to use the application, based on performance.

The tokens are also used as a form of remittance. Tokens can be rewarded for subscribing and disributing the developer’s inventions.

Platform Benefits

An outline of Alphacat’s benefits were also provided.

To begin, Alphacat was based on advanced financial technology. And in order to stay ahead of its competitors, Alphacat will continue in its research in the fields of AI, blockchain, big data analysis and more.

The second benefit comes from Alphacat’s community, who is comprised of “expert and researchers.” The team will use its own staff initially but will also search for third-party researchers to help the platform reach its goals. Alphacat’s participants also serve as an additional service when it comes to testing the platform’s applications.

Alphacat will encourage users to conduct reviews and other evaluations of the tools at their disposal.

The next benefit is that Alphacat is built on an open development platform that anyone can contribute to. As a full-scale platform, creators are given the resources to develop, test and deploy their trading algorithms. The platform will include “relevant standards and incentives based on invention, quality management, settlement and statistics.”

As a final benefit, Alphact is built on the NEO blockchain which is an open source community of developers, users, and founders working to create the Smart Economy.

AlphaCat Token Information

A total of 6,250,000,000 Alphacat tokens will be issued.

Among them, 2,500,000,000 ACAT tokens will be circulated in the token sale phase.

The token allocation of ACAT is as follows:

40% for public sale

15% for Alphacat team

10% for early investors

35% in reserve for future development

The said tokens will be allocated in the following way:

5% for legal

25% for operations

35% for marketing expenses

35% for research and development

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