The Big List of Fast, Free Bitcoin Miners : Price Analyses

The Big List of Fast, Free Bitcoin Miners

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Yes. It’s true.

You can indeed mine bitcoin without owning a rig, renting a server, or joining a mining pool.

There are far easier ways to mine bitcoin for free that requires zero technical knowledge.

You simply login, press start, and watch as your wallet fills up with free satoshis — or at least that’s how it works in theory.

Some of these sites have some kind of catch such as hidden fees – while others are outright scams that will rob you blind. Be careful.

I can’t vouch for any of these sites personally except that they are the most established free bitcoin miner sites I could find.

As always, do your due dilligence – and enjoy!

urlsite namedescription makerVery simple interface, simply input your btc address and you will apparently get free ethereum or bitcoin. Facebook comments look a bit suspicious. WebsiteGives a trial free membership with free hashing power to generate bitcoin. After your trial is over you're asked to pay for a premium subscription. MinerAnother simple design. Simply enter in your btc address and earn at a rate of 0.0002 btc per day. MiningThis looks a lot like Start Miner with the same one click mining idea. Payout is 0.0000576 btc per day. Mining WebsiteAllows you to slowly get free BTC to an address. Has a premium option for an improved hashrate. 0.0006 per day or upgrade to premium for better return. Mining GPUSimple design but lacks features. Pro Miner 4 LifeEarn 40 satoshi per minute or 0.0006 BTC per day. MiningContains free and paid plans. miner is for bitcoin gold, but allows you to "hack" other users machines and steal their computing power for your own. MiningGood range of packages to choose from. MinerFlexible plans but the website's design is broken. Easy MiningBroken website; would not trust. mining service offered by litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin etc. Offers paid plans. miner for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. MiningProfessional looking site offering premium and free subscriptions.

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