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TBitBot (TBT Token) Review: Updated for 2019.

T-BOT helps to automate the financial management of various tasks across institutional and individual levels. Goals can be set with the bot for things such as investments, financial management, and personal finance.

The software has three main features: a trade arbitration tool for buying and selling the same asset at different exchanges to make a profit, integrated payments to unify payment into one streamlined channel, and the Rich T-Bot wallet, a software for storing one’s tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Trades can be set automatically with the platform’s automated trading platform. The bots will open and close trades on the user’s behalf, thereby reportedly providing the user with a fast passive income stream.

TBitBot Features

As a cryptocurrency, T-BOT has some features that makes it stand out from others in the marketplace. First is the coin’s incentivized trade model, which means there are zero fees for sending and receiving the cryptocurrency.

The second feature is the coin’s fast liquidity on exchanges. The coin can quickly and easily be exchanged for bitcoin or Tether in these marketplaces. At present, the coin is listed on HitBtc, one of the largest and most popular trading platforms. Attention should also be drawn to the fact that T-BOT’s code is open source as an Ethereum ERC-20 token, so all transactions are auditable and open for public viewing.

The final feature of the coin is that it provides easy mobile access to one’s coin holdings for Android and iOS devices.

Bounties and Airdrops

There are a number of different bounties and airdrops that users can register for. The first bounty is for the cryptocurrency site bitcointalk. Users can earn tokens by starting topics and replying to existing threads that relate the TBitBot.

The second incentive is the YouTube campaign. Users can earn tokens by uploading high quality videos about the project.

Third is the Facebook campaign. Users can earn tokens by liking related content and making comments on the TBitBot Facebook page.

There are also bounties available for the twitter, reddit, meetup, campaigns as well as for translations. More details on these incentives can be read on the platform’s Bounty page.

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