MyTVChain (MyTV) ICO Review : Price Analyses

MyTVChain (MyTV) ICO Review

My TVChain claims to be “the first web TV platform that’s dedicated to sports clubs and athletes powered by blockchain technology.”

The platform will let sports club create their own web television stations and animate their communities, all the while generating advertising revenue.

The private sale of MyTV will last until March 31st, with 1 MyTV = 0.10 USD. There is no KYC required but a whitelist is necessary.

MyTV is built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports the ERC20 token standard.


The problem that MyTVChain claims to solve is with the how revenue is presently shared with large video sharing platforms, namely YouTube and Facebook. These sites take the majority of ad revenue leaving little to content creators. Also, a lack of finance is claimed to be a critical issue for the growth of sports clubs large and small. Most clubs don’t have the resources to attract sponsors or advertisers by themselves and therefore stagnate in growth.


MyTVChain’s solution is to offer a “private web TV station” for every sports club based on a freemium model. Clubs can therefore add their own services that can be purchased and viewers are incentivized for watching with tokens and sharing videos. The MyTVChain solution is to offer a service that is easy to use, profitable, and something that will actively help sports clubs increase their revenue and communities.


Hardcap: $35,000,000

Legal: 6%

Staff: 10%

Management: 15%

Marketing and Sales: 29%

Development: 40%

Token Allocation:

Token Sale: 45%

Reward: 35%

Marketing & Commercial: 15%

Team: 5%

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