Lake Diamond (LKD) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Review : Price Analyses

Lake Diamond (LKD) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Review

LakeDiamond is a platform that creates diamonds and then transforms them for use in industrial products. The diamonds are claimed to be “at least fifty times purer than mined diamonds.”

Diamonds were chosen as the material due to their “hardness, transparency and superior thermal resistance.” And that diamonds have the “power to revolutionize energy management, telecommunications, medicine and computer science.”

The product from LakeDiamond is currently being used in micromechanical parts for Swiss watches. Additional R&D is also underway into the field of diamond-based semiconductors as well as biotech applications.

The Problem and Solution

Page 4 of the platform’s whitepaper outlines the problems the team intends to solve. It’s claimed that building diamond-growing reactors is “extremely costly and requires a large capital investment.” The team therefore has a need for capital in order to reach its full production capacity.

The team claims to have over 15 years’ worth of experience in growing diamonds and have developed a unique method for doing so. An estimated 10 million Swiss Francs was invested into its diamond-growing reactor which is now ready to be scaled up for mass production.

The ICO will let people participate in the diamond creation process without the team giving away equity of the company. Furthermore, the company’s technology will allow LKD token holders to connect to their growing reactors 24/7, with access provided via the web.

Once live, the ICO will let people purchase small amounts of diamond in the form of tokens. This will then allow token holders to indirectly capture some of the platform’s revenue if potential demand for diamonds increases.

LKD Token

The price of LKD tokens were based on the cost of producing diamonds. One LKD is therefore the equivalent to one minute time on a reactor producing diamonds. The smallest amount of time is one minute, so each token is indivisible.

LKDs follow the Ethereum ERC20 standard, so they retrain all features of a token on the Ethereum blockchain. Supply can also be controlled by burning the tokens.

Besides inheriting the basic functions of ERC20 tokens, they can also be used in some other ways that are specific to the LKD platform.

First, LKD tokens can be used to buy diamond products such as plates or stones on the platform’s online store. Second, they can be used to capture value from the company’s industrial sales, thereby working similarly to a security token.

Finally, the tokens can be traded on the secondary market for other tokens or securities.

Whitelist: No

Token Sale Hard Cap: $60,500,000.00 CHF

Token Sale Soft Cap: $3,000,000.00 CHF

Presale Start Date: October 22nd, 2018

Presale End Date: December 11th, 2018

Token Symbo: lLKD

Token Distribution

Tokens for Sale: 73.8% 
LakeDiamond Reserve (vested): 14.3%
LakeDiamond Reserve (non vested): 4.8%
Buyers’ Bonus: 2.7%
Tokens Sold: 4.1%

Initial Token Price: 1 LKD = 0.55 CHF

KYC: Yes

Accepts: ETH, Fiat

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