Cryptocurrency wallet in Samsung Galaxy S10 : Price Analyses

Cryptocurrency wallet in Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a long-awaited feature that many crypto fans have been pining over. The new flagship phone from Samsung will come included with a range of helpful features, including an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet.

The wallet is made for cold storage and is not connected to the internet. Additional crypto features were included with the phone, such as its native ability to launch dApps or decentralized applications.

Users will be able to store bitcoin as well as a cryptocurrency called Cosmo Coin, a crypto that’s tied to the cosmetic industry. Samsung also said that it will support an additional cryptocurrency called the Enjin coin, which was also developed in South Korea.

Contactless payments was also suggested as a possible feature to be integrated into the phone’s crypto capabilities.

Samsung’s move to include blockchain tech in its phones is likely to be the first step of a long process for the manufacturer. Experts have suggested that Samsung will continue rolling out the technology as demand picks up for cryptocurrencies around the world.

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