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4 Interesting Bitcoin Miner Simulation Games

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If you’re interested in bitcoin mining for fun or for profit, learning the ins and outs can be made easier when it’s an interactive experience.

In this case, I’m talking about bitcoin mining games that you can play on your phone and PC.

As you might expect, mining virtual bitcoin is a slow and sometimes arduous process which gives little to no reward.

But if you enjoy the genre of clicker/idle games and love cryptocurrency, then trying a bitcoin miner game is worth at least five minutes of your time.

And as an added bonus: you can earn real bitcoin by playing some of these games, too.

Below are four of the best bitcoin mining simulation games (both free and paid).

1. RollerCoin (Free)

RollerCoin claims to be “the first bitcoin online simulation game.” Something unique to this title is that players complete tasks to unlock additional hashpower.

More hash power means faster earnings for you in real-world btc.

Another unique aspect is that you can customize your character to your liking with a vast assortment of skins and outfits.

There’s also an affiliate program which pays out btc for each person who signs up with your link.

Overall this is a solid go-to title for anyone looking for a bitcoin simulator game and is the first you should consider.

2. Bitcoin Mining Tycoon (Paid)

Bitcoin Mining Tycoon is a premium bitcoin mining experience available through the Steam Store.

This simulator plays to how you’d expect a bitcoin simulator to be. You’re in charge of building and scaling your own cryptocurrency mining farm. You can collect power ups to boost your farm’s efficiency and also unlock additional items.

However, the reviews of the game so far have not been overly positive, with one “thumbs down” to date criticizing it as “boring.”

At present the game is on sale for just $2.49 and it might be worth paying that bit extra for the enhanced visuals and smoother game play compared to the free games.

Bitcoin Mining Tycoon remains as something to check out.

3. Febbit (Free)

Febbit is another free title that rewards users with real bitcoin.

Unlike Bitcoin Mining Tycoon, the goal isn’t to construct a mining farm; instead, you are the miner. Simply click on the pile of bitcoin and watch your earnings slowly increase.

Febbit could also be called a “faucet” game as the main objective is to accumulate bitcoin and not much else.

This game could be fun for younger players or those who are happy to hold a few satoshis in their wallets.

4. Bitcoin Billionaire (Free)

Bitcoin Billionaire is a free ad-supported mobile game for iOS and Android. You can’t earn real bitcoin, but you can become a virtual Bitcoin Billionaire.

Like most games on this list, Bitcoin Billionaire fits into the clicker/idle category of gaming.

You start at the bottom with a “run-down office, a rickety old desk, and a crummy old computer.” Yet by tapping the screen you’re able to gradually mine virtual video game bitcoins to stardom.

Those bitcoins can then be spent on items and power-ups to earn you more sans-satoshis and so on.

There’s also the option to “travel through time,” thereby unlocking new upgrades, achievements, and skills.

The bottom line is that if you’ve ever played a mobile clicker game before Bitcoin Billionaire will offer nothing new — but it’s still a great time-waster and something to keep your idle hands busy.

Do you know a good cryptocurrency mining game that should have made it to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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